Sacred Springs Water Enhancement Systems, a subsidiary of Condor Eagle Technologies LLC, is 100% female owned. Owner and CEO, Ulla Anderson, an environmentally conscious Psychology Professor, formed the company in 2014 with inventor, Eric Gibson. In May of that year, Eric Gibson was with an invited team of water scientists on the Hopi Reservation in northern Arizona working on solutions to water contamination and drought problems.

While there, Eric Gibson custom built the first Sacred Springs Water Enhancement System that could energize more than 10,000 gallons of water from an existing water tower. This enabled the Hopi to hydrate their entire crop of corn with highly energized water, the way it used to be, over 100 years ago.

With the Hopi's influence, Eric Gibson understood that simple, natural, Eco friendly and sustainable solutions to water purification is the only and most responsible way to solve contamination, drought, and low energy water problems. It was this understanding that soon thereafter, led Eric Gibson and his business partner, Ulla Anderson, to form Condor Eagle Technologies and the development of the Sacred Springs Water Enhancement Systems products.

Because we believe everyone has a right to clean, healthy, energized water, Condor Eagle Technologies LLC mission is to create simple and sustainable solutions to water purification and re-vitalization that are well adapted to life, long-term. We especially aim to create products that are affordable to the general public and traditionally under-served populations.

Left: Eric with Clayton Nolte, Rob Wade, and other water scientists

Hopi elders enjoying water enhanced by the Sacred Springs Water Enhancement Systems

Learning about guerrilla marketing from the best mentor ever: Mr. Daymond John from the Shark Tank. A dream come true!

Eric Gibson at the Hopi water tower, Arizona 2014.

Also visiting with the Navajo Tribe, Condor Eagle Technologies donated structuring units to Navajo elders, Arizona 2014

The reason why we do this! Children must have access to fresh, clean water. These are two Hopi children who only had access to water contaminated by uranium