"I am truly grateful for the Sacred Springs water enhancement system Eric Gibson's company, Condor Eagle Technologies, donated to our drug and alcohol treatment center. I have been using the unit for two weeks and can't believe the difference it has made on my skin, hair and body. Both my skin and hair are noticeably softer; I feel like I got a new body! Now, I'm so excited to shower!"

- Amber Hood.

Dr. Chevalier from Psy-Tek labs, testing various samples of water


In May of 2016, I volunteered to be a subject of an experiment testing Sacred Springs enhanced water that took place at the Psy-Tek Subtle Energy Laboratory located in Encinitas, California, conducted by Dr. Gaétan Chevalier, Director of Research at Psy-Tek. The goal of this experiment, using Electro Photonic Imaging (EPI), was to observe the effect of the body’s energy field before and after consuming Sacred Springs drinking water. Tests such as GDV/EPI provide a full body scan with the goal of early warning detection of disease presence.

The first test was performed before I drank the Sacred Springs water. This preliminary test indicated that my throat chakra was out of alignment that Dr. Chevalier interpreted as an indication of a thyroid issue. For the second test I was asked to drink a half cup of the Sacred Springs water and was retested within 5 minutes of consuming. I started feeling the effects almost immediately; however the best part about it was that I was feeling more and more balanced as the day progressed. I hadn’t realized how unbalanced I was until I felt how it feels to be balanced again. The most pronounced effect was that it completely alleviated my symptoms of anxiety. Thank you again for including me in your experiment and letting me experience the effects of your water first-hand.

- Rhea Watson


"The pipes under my kitchen sink were completely corroded and full of mineral deposits. Since I had my Sacred Springs Point of Use unit installed, the problems have vanished"

- Peter Muller


"Since I began using the Sacred Springs shower unit I noticed an immediate difference. My hair and skin have become incredibly soft. Before, I was balding from chemicals in the water, but not anymore! Now my hair is growing back, and is thick and luxurious. I love my Sacred Springs!"

- Betty White